Fine Art Print 17


These A4 prints are used to try out color samples that are the result of my research into natural color pigments.

The prints are made according an original design by my hand and printed on biodegradable “growing paper”. This is paper made from recycled paper and in which seeds have been processed. Each print is separately painted and / or drawn, making them all one of a kind!

They are part of my concept, my vision … make art, not waste! It is a small circle, the raw materials of the artwork come from the earth, nature, if the artwork is no longer desired it can be returned to the earth, to nature. Place it under a thin layer of soil in the spring / summer and nature will bloom again, coming full circle and a new cycle can start.

By purchasing these prints you support my work and research as an artist and researcher.

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Dimensions 30 × 21 cm


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